Fleet Maintenance

Vehicles including trucks in your fleet need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis, so leave it to us, to do fleet maintenance to ensure your vehicles are always in running order.

All vehicles are required to have certain maintenance procedures at set intervals or after the vehicles have travelled a certain distance. The importance of vehicle and fleet maintenance is immeasurable, especially when the vehicles in your fleet are used to transport your customer’s valuable goods as well as your staff.

Vehicles used by logistic solutions companies are generally used more often than a regular passenger car, therefore the general wear and tear on the vehicle will increase. The heavy load transported by the vehicles as well as the constant driving also adds to the general wear on your vehicles. This makes it even more important that the vehicles are serviced and checked at regular intervals.

Many modern vehicles and trucks are equipped with computers that indicate when a vehicle is due for a service. One should not only rely on this technology to advise you when your vehicle is due for a service. It is imperative that maintenance checks are carried out on a regular basis, especially before embarking on a long journey.

By law, all vehicles on the road have to be issued with a roadworthy certificate. This certificate can only be obtained if certain safety and maintenance checks are performed on the vehicle. The requirements of a road worthy certificate go hand in hand with vehicle maintenance. Important aspects such as electrical systems, windows and window winders, doors, brakes, wheels and safely belts are checked before the certificate is issued.

Vehicle and fleet maintenance on a regular basis will also assist lowering general servicing costs of the vehicle. If vehicles are serviced and checked regularly, certain problems can be noticed and dealt with before the problem becomes a hazard as well as an expensive repair.

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